First show of the year

The first show of the year saw us at Newark’s Autojumble, February 24th 2019. A cold and foggy start with an hour and 15 minutes drive in zero viability we arrived safely.  A great turn out of shoppers and fun day out for all.
As usual, we met some great people and made new friends. Hopefully some are reading this. I have added a quick video below of the show. I would advice anyone who has never visited an autojumble to go. It’s not all motor related, I spotted a one stall selling fantastic bakery products and pork pies bigger that your fist. There was even a green grocer selling organic produce and even a fishing stall.

There’s something for everyone at these events, so if your stuck for something to do I’m sure you will have a good time. The only advise I can give is to attend early as the autojumbles tend to close early , around 2-3 pm